Milpitas Art & Wine Festival Business Expo

Business Expo

Coming soon in Spring of 2023

Rules and Regulations

Simple Application below

City Vendor Fee:

The City of Milpitas requires any vendor located within the City of Milpitas to have a business license. If your business is located within city limits, you must provide your business license number on this application. If your company is not located within city limits, you are required to hold a Temporary Vendor Permit. The fee is $5 and is listed in the fee section of the application. Please remit this fee with your application and we will file the necessary permit application for you.

California Department of Tax & Fee Administration:

All vendors are required to submit a valid California Resale Number with application. Exempt vendors must submit California Department of Tax & Fee Administration form CDTFA-410-D with completed application. Documentation for exempt vendors must be submitted with your completed application. Form CDTFA-410-D can be found here:

Chamber Members:

Participants in Business Marketplace must be members in good standing of the Milpitas Chamber of Commerce at the time of the show.

Cleaning Deposit Fee:

A $100 refundable deposit cleaning fee must accompany the completed application. The deposit will be refunded within 30 days following the Art and Wine Festival 2022 inspections indicating that the booth was in a clean and undamaged condition. If inspection reveals an unclean booth space, exhibitors will be given a warning to correct any issues.


Retail sales may be conducted in Business Marketplace booths. Sales in the booth must be the member's primary business as defined by the business of record at the Chamber office. Business Marketplace members may not solicit or collect donations for third party non-profit organizations.


Food or beverages may not be served or sold by members, as this is in direct competition with our food vendors. Booth Placement: Members will be assigned to booth locations in the order that they register. Member may not trade locations or sublet space without prior permission of the Chamber office. Signage: Each individual booth is responsible for their own signage. No signs, banners or flags are to be attached above the booth. Members who represent products and services of another company will be able to display no more than one 24 inch by 36 inch poster of each company, with a maximum of four posters. Drawing prizes and giveaways will be limited to one 24 inch by 36 inch poster and may not conflict with any exclusive sponsor of the Festival of the Arts.


No street vehicles of any kind are to be displayed in Business Marketplace. Any other vehicles must be approved by Festival management, please contact the office by July 25th, 2022.

No Roaming:

While handing out information about your company is encouraged, members must remain within their allocated booth space. Absolutely no roaming is allowed.

Be a Good Neighbor:

Members are responsible for managing lines of visitors originating from their booths and must direct the line so as not to interfere with other members. In addition, please be considerate of other exhibitors in terms of display devices and sound volume.

First time Business Marketplace Members:

Must attend a pre-Festival meeting on a date to be determined. We strongly encourage previous Business Marketplace members to attend as well.

Participation & Hold Harmless Agreement

The undersigned, as agent for the organization, individuals and/or agency represented agrees to abide by the rules and regulations in this agreement, and understands that should the organization, or members of the organization fail to observe and abide by the rules and regulations as set forth above, the organization will become ineligible to participate in future Festivals. I further agree to hold the MILPITAS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, THE CITY OF MILPITAS AND ITS AGENCIES, free and harmless from any and all liability for bodily injury, property damage or loss arising out of activities resulting from participation in the Milpitas Chamber of Commerce annual Milpitas Festival of the Arts, October 8th & 9th, 2022.

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