Ambassador Program

This volunteer group will promote good will, help cultivate strong business relationships, encourage participation in the community and represent Milpitas Chamber of Commerce to the public.

Who We Are

The Ambassadors are members of the Milpitas Chamber of Commerce and consist of small business owners and business professionals who commit their time and their talent to serving the community through the Milpitas Chamber of Commerce.

Our Goals

The primary goals of the Milpitas Chamber of Commerce are to participate in chamber events that honor and pay tribute to the business community; help strengthen business relationships among Milpitas Chamber of Commerce members and promote Milpitas Chamber of Commerce membership.


Francisco Hernandez

Associate Member
San Jose, CA 95132
(650) 224-2269

Jennie Ha Phan

SBHIS Insurance Services
989 Story Road #8033
San Jose, CA

Jasmine McGee

BAB Commercial/Milpitas Square
BAB Commercial
3360 De La Cruz Blvd
Santa Clara, CA
(408) 660-5800

Anu Nakka

University of Silicon Andhra
1521 California Circle
Milpitas, CA 95035
(408) 348-6890

Darissa Acosta

Poppy Bank
500 E. Calaveras Blvd.
Milpitas, CA 95035
Kim Ponce

Kim Ponce

East West Bank
468 Barber Lane
Milpitas, CA 95035
(408) 383-0988

Lorrine Patterson

Founder & CEO of Show Up & Love
142 N. Milpitas Blvd. Unit 444
Milpitas. CA 95035
Kelly Yip-Chuan

Kelly Yip-Chuan

Platinum Realty & Finance Group
500 E. Calaveras Blvd, Suite 200
Milpitas, CA 95035
(408) 482-1755